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About Us

There has never been a better time to learn and develop yourself and the world you live in. Your curiosity will take you further, powered by enquiry and discovery.
We believe that your personal and professional development inspire your opportunities to succeed. Our teaching and learning methods help you stay motivated to ensure you harness every learning opportunity we give you.

We design courses that are fit for the contemporary knowledge society and help you engage step by step with the needed practical elements of applied knowledge.
Looking for a simple continuous professional development training solution? Learning to satisfy your curiosity and thirst for knowledge? There is always a course at Academic Studio that will do just that, anytime, anywhere.

The Idea behind our learning process focus on teaching ‘how to think’ not ‘what to think’. We have on offer over 100 courses in our portfolio and all of them are delivered by highly qualified and professional tutors.

Whether you chose our online or face-to-face courses we take great care in thrive to deliver exceptional value to all learners.


Our Vision drives our innovation and success and helps us focus on what matters the most in all that we do.
We empower individuals to develop personally and professionally with knowledge and skills to influence organisations and society.


  • Develop technology enabled learning to create flexible learning opportunities for all.
  • Inform learning by contemporary research, business and industrial needs
  • Create a learning culture that fulfils the individual thirst for knowledge and skills.
  • Encourage lifelong learning through continuous professional development.
  • Facilitate learning experiences adapted to your individual learning style.
  • Provide education that allows learners to experience learning success.


Academic Studio has adopted the following values, which guide us and our learners in their personal and professional development.

Professionalism – Our commitment in delivering knowledge and skills that make a direct contribution to your personal and professional development.

Inspiration – Creating an inquisitive and independent learning experience to identify new perspectives to existing knowledge, new solutions for problems and transfer of knowledge into new contexts

Excellence – Informing our courses by up-to-date research and the needs of industry and businesses.

Connectivity – Connecting with a community of worldwide learners who help you build your knowledge from different individual and rich cultural perspectives in mind.

Enjoyment – Facilitating a learning experience that is adapted to your learning styles so that you have fun while you learn

Success – Shaping your continuous professional development into goals that will contribute to your wealth and honour.