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Open Badges

At Academic Studio we offer the possibility of building your own knowledge and skills and have them shared with employers via an online digital CV signature in the form of an Open Badge.
Collecting Open Badges is a symbol of your achievements for all the courses you study with Academic Studio. Each Open Badge contains a verifiable, portable digital association with embedded metadata about your learning. This information is packaged within a badge image file that can be displayed via online CVs and social networks.
Our Open Badges comply and support a global specification of over 3000 institutions across the world to enable individuals to represent their CV online with their achievements
Collecting Open Badges from Academic Studio is a way to build your own CPD career pathway and a way to signal to prospective employers your commitment to CPD and your talent development. This helps employers best match individuals with non-traditional experiences to relevant opportunities.

Learning Management System

All our courses are delivered using Moodle. Moodle is a learning management platform that promotes open and collaborative learning to large communities of users across the world.
Moodle supports a guided social constructionist pedagogy delivering a learner centric tool for collaborative environment that allows Academic Studio educators to engage with our learners at all stages of their development. This is a single and robust secure and integrated approach to delivering personalised education to you.
Through its implementation, we allow you to learn and connect to a community of learners who are developing their lifelong learning skills and contributing to their personal and professional development.