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Our team of consultants knows how to make a difference and how to add real value to educational and healthcare institutions. We apply the right skills, tools and techniques to see businesses develop independently and we adopt a flexible approach to advising our clients on a range of solutions and their risk matrix in terms of success.
Our Educational consultancy focus on pedagogical practice and frameworks for student experience and educational quality.
We provide healthcare consultancy for compliance with Care Quality Commission and its 4 audit principles of: safety, effectiveness, caring, responsiveness and good Leadership.
We work on a project assignment basis so that results can be measured objectively and value add can traced to the work we undertake with a client.

Current Consultancy Clients

Manchester Metropolitan University Timetabling Review Project

In recent years there has been a seismic shift in focus of timetabling from efficiency of resources to student satisfaction and efficacy of curriculum delivery. It is essential for programme developers to understand the interoperability of academic curriculum design and staff and space resources.
The MMU Student Centred Curriculum (SCC) will introduce further complexity in curriculum delivery structures, reemphasising the need for engagement between academic experts in subject area content and professional services expertise in translating this content into clearly articulated delivery structures.
Academic Studio is undertaking in collaboration with MMU Senior Management a review to refine how the conversation between academic and timetabling services expertise can be facilitated.
This review aims to identify actions, which will allow the accurate identification of the root cause of specific issues, the design of appropriate solutions and the potential realignment of service, policy and process to effectively deliver these solutions.

Ascroft Medical Corporate Partnership

Academic Studio has been working in partnership with Ascroft Medical since 2017 in the areas of

  1. Development of Policies and Procedures for Compliance with Care Quality Commission and the Healthcare Act 2009
  1. Management and development of the Audit cycles for clinical and business KPIs
  1. Draft Contractual proposals and contracts for business development and legal compliance.

  2. Organisational training and development of top management, clinicians and administrative staff.

Ascroft Medical appeared as an expert in The Parliamentary Review 2019, showcasing best practice as a learning tool to the public and private sector.

We are pleased to announce that Academic Studio has worked with Ascroft Medical in their parliamentary review of 2019 where Ascroft Medical is honoured by best practice in the healthcare sector by virtue of their great achievements  in the healthcare in the Oldham.

The main aims of the Parliamentary Review are to demonstrate how organisations/individuals have become outstanding leaders in their field and how they have responded to challenges within the industry, sharing best practice as a template for reform. 

Academic Studio is pleased to have worked directly on this great achievement which had the participation of Theresa May, Philip Hammond, Greg Clark and numerous other Cabinet and senior ministers in the Review along with leading officials from a variety of different industries.

Alongside the pieces from the selected representatives and leading political figures, the 2019 Review contains impartial summaries of the year in British industry and Westminster.

You may read more about this great achievement in which we have collaborated at:

For all forms of collaboration you may contact us via email on