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Infection, Prevention and Control

Infection, Prevention and Control

Infection, Prevention and Control

School of Healthcare and Psychology

This course will aid you in forming a clear understanding of infection, prevention, and control.

The course will introduce you to infection in an easy overview as well as add to your prevention principles and update them to suit the world’s current requirements.

Control measures are explained briefly and include the talk of the hour ” COVID-19″
Infection, Prevention, and Control are the core concepts that keep our clinical environments put together in the best way!

Key Words: Infection, Prevention, Control, COVID-19, Health Precautions.


Course Code: HCP4C5101

Certified: YES

Level: 4

Credits: 4


Time: 4 Hours

Expiry: 1 YEAR

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course each student is expected to be able to:

A. Subject Knowledge and Understanding

  • LO 1. Define Infection and Infectious agents.
  • LO 2. Recognize the Chain of Infection.
  • LO 3. List the Types of Infections.

B. Cognitive Skills (Thinking Skills)

  • LO 4. Demonstrate ways to break the chain of infection.
  • LO 5. Implementation of Precaution Measures in Clinics.

C. Subject Specific Practical/Professional Skills

  • LO 6. Differentiate between Different Cleaning Methods.
  • LO 7. Reviewing General and Covid-19 Precautions in Clinics.

Curriculum Outline

The key themes covered by the course and their indicative weighing:

  • Infection at a Glance (50%)
  • Prevention: How to Stay Safe (25%)
  • Control: Management and Precaution (25%)

Online Certificates

Students successfully completing their course and assessments will be entitled to a digital badge. A digital badge is a connected, verifiable electronic imagery credential which reflects the achievement of the learning outcomes on their course.

Students may read more information about digital badges at:

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