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Manual Handling

Manual Handling

Manual Handling

School of Healthcare and Psychology

The Manual Handling course raises awareness of the dangers associated with lifting and handling.

This 1 hour course also presents practical steps that have to be taken to minimize and control the risks of lifting and handling objects in a workplace environment.

You will explore through this online course the definition of manual handling, types of injuries that can result from lifting and handling objects, actual legislation regarding manual handling, assessing manual handling activities and practical aspect of reducing the risk with the use of good handling techniques.

Key Words: Manual Handling, Lifting, Manual Lifting, Lifting and Handling, Good Lifting Technique, Injuries, Manual Handling Risk Assessment.


Course Code: HCP2N6202

Certified: YES

Level: 2

Credits: 2


Time: 1 Hour

Expiry: 1 YEAR

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course each student is expected to be able to:

A. Subject Knowledge and Understanding

  • LO 1. To identify basic legal requirements for Manual Handling.

B. Cognitive Skills (Thinking Skills)

  • LO 2. To understand the need to conduct a Manual Handling assessment to minimize the risk within the workplace.
  • LO 3. To understand the dangers of back pain, how it is caused and ways of prevention.

C. Subject Specific Practical/Professional Skills

  • LO 4. To be confident in risk assessing any manual handling tasks that need to be undertaken.
  • LO 5. To adopt good manual handling techniques in any working situation.
  • LO 6. To apply the information and instruction gained during the course to their working environment.
  • LO 7. To seek and make improvements in their work in order to reduce exposure to manual handling tasks.

D. Other Skills (e.g. Key transferable)

  • LO 8. To manage effectively self and effectively manage others or to work effectively with others.

Curriculum Outline

The key themes covered by the course and their indicative weighing:

  • Introduction to Manual Handling (25%)
  • Injuries (25%)
  • Manual Handling Assessment (25%)
  • Training (25%)

Online Certificates

Students successfully completing their course and assessments will be entitled to a digital badge. A digital badge is a connected, verifiable electronic imagery credential which reflects the achievement of the learning outcomes on their course.

Students may read more information about digital badges at:

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