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Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults 1

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults 1

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults 1

School of Healthcare and Psychology

This 1 hour course is an introduction to safeguarding vulnerable adults.

All adults have the right to be safe and to live a life free from abuse.

All persons are entitled to this right, regardless of their circumstances.

In this course, you will explore safeguarding, its benefits, and the aims of it.

You will also explore warning signs of abuse, and what to do if you have a safeguarding concern.

Key Words: Safeguarding, vulnerable adults, abuse, safety


Course Code: HCP2L4321

Certified: YES

Level: 2

Credits: 1


Time: 1 Hour

Expiry: 1 YEAR

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course each student is expected to be able to:

A. Subject Knowledge and Understanding

  • LO 1. Define safeguarding and its importance.
  • LO 2. List the different types of abuse.
  • LO 3. Describe your role in safeguarding adults.
  • LO 4. List the 6 principles of safeguarding.

B. Cognitive Skills (Thinking Skills)

  • LO 5. Distinguish a vulnerable adult at risk.

C. Subject Specific Practical/Professional Skills

  • LO 6. Applying the safeguarding protocol.

Curriculum Outline

The key themes covered by the course and their indicative weighing:

  • About safeguarding (50%)
  • Abuse and your role in safeguarding adults (50%)

Online Certificates

Students successfully completing their course and assessments will be entitled to a digital badge. A digital badge is a connected, verifiable electronic imagery credential which reflects the achievement of the learning outcomes on their course.

Students may read more information about digital badges at:

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