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Safeguarding Vulnerable Children and Adolescents 3

Safeguarding Vulnerable Children and Adolescents 3

Safeguarding Vulnerable Children and Adolescents 3

School of Healthcare and Psychology

This course is an overview of safeguarding vulnerable children and adolescents.

This course aims to improve your knowledge and understanding of the topic of safeguarding surrounding children and adolescents.

Key Words: Safeguarding, vulnerable children and adolescents, abuse, safety.


Course Code: HCP3L4327

Certified: YES

Level: 3

Credits: 3


Time: 55 Minutes

Expiry: 1 YEAR

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course each student is expected to be able to:

A. Subject Knowledge and Understanding

  • LO 1. Describe effective communication and feedback.
  • LO 2. Recall what to look for in safeguarding.
  • LO 3. Describe the documentation process.
  • LO 4. Discover legal processes.
  • LO 5. Define your responsibilities.

B. Cognitive Skills (Thinking Skills)

  • LO 6. Determine who to work with in safeguarding.
  • LO 7. Recognize issues affecting professionals.

C. Subject Specific Practical/Professional Skills

  • LO 8. Apply a safe environment through promotion.

Curriculum Outline

The key themes covered by the course and their indicative weighing:

  • Communication and Working Together (35%)
  • Issues Facing Professionals (30%)
  • The Legal Process (35%)

Online Certificates

Students successfully completing their course and assessments will be entitled to a digital badge. A digital badge is a connected, verifiable electronic imagery credential which reflects the achievement of the learning outcomes on their course.

Students may read more information about digital badges at:

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