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Signs and Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Signs and Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Signs and Symptoms of Oral Cancer

School of Healthcare and Psychology

This course will help you to identify signs and symptoms of oral cancer, as well as the importance of mental health care and overall oral cancer awareness.

The course will introduce signs of pre-cancerous growths as well as differentiate between the various stages and grades of oral cancer.

You will explore the mental health effects of oral cancer diagnosis and the impact of mental health on treatment success.

Finally, this course will stress the importance of education and public awareness of oral cancer and methods in which to improve overall community health.

Prevention and early recognition are crucial factors in minimizing the negative effects of oral cancer.

Being able to identify symptoms and improve awareness of the disease are major steps towards early recognition and will lead to improvements in general oral health for patients.

Key Words: Signs, Symptoms, Pre-cancer, Staging, Treatment, Mental Health, Awareness.


Course Code: HCP4A4003

Certified: YES

Level: 4

Credits: 2


Time: 2 Hours

Expiry: 1 YEAR

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course each student is expected to be able to:

A. Subject Knowledge and Understanding

  • LO 1: Identify pre-cancerous signs in the oral cavity.
  • LO 2: Differentiate between symptoms of oral cancer and similar symptoms of noncancerous conditions.

B. Cognitive Skills (Thinking Skills)

  • LO 3: Analyze cancer staging/grading and understand the appearances of oral cavity cancer at various stages.

C. Subject Specific Practical/Professional Skills

  • LO 4: Describe mental health conditions that can arise as a result of oral cancer diagnosis
  • LO 5: Recognize ways to implement oral cancer awareness programs into a medical practice to increase community health.

Curriculum Outline

The key themes covered by the course and their indicative weighing:

  • Pre-cancerous Signs in the Mouth (25%)
  • Oral Cancer at Various Stages: I-IV (35%)
  • Mental Health of Cancer Patients (25%)
  • Oral Cancer Awareness (15%)

Online Certificates

Students successfully completing their course and assessments will be entitled to a digital badge. A digital badge is a connected, verifiable electronic imagery credential which reflects the achievement of the learning outcomes on their course.

Students may read more information about digital badges at:

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